Amazon Prime Cookies [Hourly Updated] January 2022

Amazon Prime Cookies [Hourly Updated] January 2022

Are you searching for some ways to watch amazon videos for free? Then congratulation your wait is now over. Today I will teach you how to watch amazon premium videos for free using amazon prime cookies. All cookies are 100% working and hourly updated.

As we know in these days, there are many video provider cast their amazing videos and provide videos in the market, but peoples always try to choose quality and the better things, so amazon prime videos are one of the biggest platforms to watch videos widely and loved by millions of people to watch online series and movies for free.

I personally use these trick to watch amazon prime videos for free, and it always works fine, these cookies are 100% working and everyone can use it for free.

The best part of cookies trick is that it successfully work on android device and your computer too if you are using these cookies the first time and don’t know how to use it, don’t worry I will tell you all methods step by step to use it for free.

Now before further discussion, let’s take some information about amazon prime and their membership plans.

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What Is Amazon Prime Video

So all we know, Amazon is the biggest and no. 1 e-commerce store in the world. However, after big success, Amazon just launched its amazon prime service on December 14, 2016 amazon prime is an online video streaming platform which provides thousand and millions of movies, tv-shows, cartoons, exclusive deals, and especially web series, web-series is the best attraction for viewers by amazon prime but to watch all these stuff and to enjoy all features we need to buy amazon prime membership.

Previously at starting all these services were free, but nowadays, it costs are too high; if you have to purchase their prime premium membership, it costs around $12.99 per month or $119 per year and to buy prime student membership it cost 6.49$ per month or 59$ per year.

As I already said that amazon is the biggest and no. 1 e-commerce store in the world so prime membership also gives services one-day delivery service means your order will be delivered within 24 hours there will be no charge on delivery of the product.

Delivery is absolutely free for prime members. there are dozens of services available for prime members likes special discount on products, first access to any deals amazon audiobook subscription and lot more.

amazon prime video

We know Amazon is giving lots of services for prime members I personally know that not everyone can’t afford this membership but today with amazon prime cookies you can enjoy unlimited prime membership for free!

So today, I will give you amazon prime video cookies for free as These cookies are 100% working, and we update it every hour.

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Amazon Prime Video Cookies (January 2022)

So below I am just sharing amazon prime video cookies for free to watch prime videos and these cookies are easy to use and the main feature is that after using cookies you will able to use amazon prime account for free

As all cookies on modlelo are daily updated cookies so before uploading cookies all these cookies are tested and always works fine ! if you find any cookies are not working or you face any other issue regarding cookies you can comment below your queries I would love to hear from you.

Logging out from your system makes cookies dead or expired! So always try not to log out from the system after using cookies.

So below I am just sharing working cookies you can copy working prime video cookies from the below table.

COPY HERE Download Link
Cookies #1COPY
Cookies #2GET HERE
 Cookies #4DOWNLOAD
Cookies #5COPY HERE

I already said after using cookies you should try to close the tab or your browser don’t try to log out your prime account from the system it makes cookies fully dead and unusable if you do so don’t worry you can use new cookies after updated on modlelo as we hourly updated new cookies.

if you still think these amazon prime cookies is not working for you think its hard to use then you can simply use our Amazon Prime Mod Apk.

What are Browser Cookies?

So to access amazon prime account first you need to learn what is term cookies and how to use it and little bit knowledge of cookies and how it is beneficial for accessing amazon prime account.

A cookie is a term like a cache memory and it is an important feature in the browser, in simple words Cookies are the smallest part of data that stores User credentials like username, password, and IP for a specific time, region and websites data too. these cookies work as your id card or proof for the server to access all data, once the server identifies your cookies the server grant you to access all stuff from cookies.

If you try to clear cookies you will be get logged out from all website and the website will unable to identify you.

In such manner you can simply access amazon prime for free using using amazon prime cookies.

How Browser Cookies work?

I already covered a lot of information in the browser cookies section only though I am trying to share extra knowledge for a better understanding of how browser cookies exactly work.

For example, if you are entering any website most of the time the message pop-ups there that website want to access your cookies After allowing access, it makes our work easy by allowing permission we did not need to enter username and password each and every time, the website simply identifies us with the help of cookies.

Your web browser stores and manages cookies. you can also lookup your cookies in the browser settings section. as in all these cookies are take from a single account and get shared to everyone.

Similarly, amazon prime cookies also work on the same algorithm storing all the cookies in the browser that catch up from the main original account provided in the format of cookies code.

However, cookies allow a website to pop up personalized stuff For example, if you’re searching some products on Amazon, and after some days you come back top Amazon then with the help of cookies amazon can remember the products you were previously browsed and recommend you a similar products.

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How to use Amazon prime using Cookies?

So, I think after giving all explanations and examples now you are known with term cookie but Now, you may have a question arises that how can you access the prime premium account using cookies?

So here we are sharing the actual method of cookies to access prime membership for free, we are using some extension in this tutorial for performing this method and this extension is fully free to use
the best thing is that you can access this method on the computer and as well as also on your mobile too.

How to Use Amazon Prime Cookies Using cookies for pc (100% working)

I already search a lot of cookies extension for using prime in that only some of extensions are only working.

Many blogs are sharing Dozens of extension to use cookies but it didn’t work anymore.

So today I am sharing a new method to use Amazon prime video cookies on pc that is J2team cookies extension, this extension working fine on your pc.

So below I am sharing steps to Download J2team cookies extension

Step 1: First Go to google and search download J2Team cookies extension and click on add to chrome. Or you can directly get it from here.

j2team cookies extension

Step 2: Now just Download prime video cookies from the above mention table. just check whether you want cookies for Desktop or Mobile

Step 3: After successfully downloading the cookies file, you will get a code to access it. For it, click on the copy code button, and code will copy to your clipboard.

Step 4: Now go to the PrimeVideo homepage as we already downloaded extension now click on J2Team cookies extension and paste that copied code in the password section.

Amazon prime cookies installation

Step 5: After entering code click import option and select the latest downloaded cookies.

So all set now it will show us confirmation click on done, just refresh your webpage and you are ready to use a free prime video account on your pc.

Note: The Amazon algorithm is continuously updating to prevent prime video account piracy.

Some methods may not work after some time but don’t worry we are here to help if any new algorithm arises we will update all methods.

This method is 100% working on your pc. For android devices, you can use J2Teamcookies extension as well as EditThisCookie extension to use a free prime video account.

How To Use Amazon Prime Video Free Cookies In Android

The above method is only for the PC user but most of the time android devices is comfortable for users, so if you want to use Prime video cookies on your Android devices then you can follow this method:

Step 1: Go to the google play store and search for Yandex Browser and download it on your android device or you can download it from here.

amazon cookies for android

Step 2: Open your Yandex browser and go to google and just search “EditThisCookie” in the search bar and click on the first option.

Editthiscookies extension

Step 3: Now download the extension and click on the “add to chrome” button, then “Add extension”.

EditThisCookies installation

Step 4: After that visit a webpage in your browser.

Amazon prime video

Step 5: Now, copy the “cookies text” from the above-given table.

Step 6: Go to the Yandex browser click on three dots at the right bottom corner in your browser and navigate to the Extensions option. It will show the list of all installed extensions.

working prime video cookies

Step 7: Click on extension >> choose editthiscookie and open it after opening the extension, just click on the import section and paste all the cookies in the textbox that we have already downloaded from the above table click on the Green Right option at the bottom.

cookies installation on android

Step 8 : Refresh the page and you will log into your amazon prime video account.

hourly updated prime video cookies

So now go enjoy your amazon prime video account and watch your favourite one on your android device using Amazon cookies.

How To Use Amazon Prime Cookies On Desktop

So after pc and android, I am sharing these trick for the desktop user in these now we are using chrome browser and the extension too for accessing amazon prime account.

So here are steps I am sharing below:

Step 1: Open your browser ( chrome / firefox ) and go to google and search ‘EditThisCookies’ extension.

Step 2: Download it and click on Install. It will open a popup dialog box for confirmation. Click on “Add extension” and install EditThisCookies extension on your chrome/firefox.

Step 3: Now download all cookies from the above table that already mention in the post and copy all text from the file.

Step 4: Open your browser and in a new tab, open-prime video homepage that is, Then go to your extension. You will find EditThisCookies extension there. Click on the extension.

Step 5: Now, click on the import option in the extension and paste all you copied cookies in the box, after pasting cookies just click on the green symbol button and refresh the page.

So, now you are ready to access all prime video features for free. now enjoy videos, web- series, movies for free.

However in all method extension and cookies plays an important role so always keep in mind try to follow all steps properly if you think that these cookies not worked for you then comment down your problems, we are always here to help you.

Alternative Tricks for Amazon Prime Accounts

Amazon always tries to update their privacy but some bugs remain the same, many people also use this method to access prime rather than amazon prime cookies but not every time it works for everyone so try it at your own risk.

1. Virtual credit card method ( VCC):- Virtual credit cards are online cards that are not physically issued by the credit card provider. in simple mean online alternate cards created for an only one-time purpose.

For using prime account just create 1 Vcc and enter all details of VCC in your prime account that’s it, you will completely log in to your amazon prime account.

2. Bin methods:- ( bank identification number ) as in bins method amazon are unable to identify your original cards number and they give all prime access to you so for this method you will need bins and you have to simply placed that bins in amazon payment setting these bins may work some times only, thousand of people use single bins at the same time so amazon block that bins, so these bins are continuously changing.

As I am trying to explain this method in short, if you want another post for VCC and bins method comment below and let me know.

I always recommend you to use cookies method for the better results.

Most of the people are also love to play quiz but don’t know accurate answers at that time you can look up our Amazon Quiz Answers For Free, Still here for watching free videos then go with our Amazon Prime Video Cookies.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Below, I am answering some of the questions that my visitors asked me. as I already clear all the topics in all aspects though If you have queries regarding the extension. cookies, is extension are safe to use, is it really free or any question arises in your mind I am trying to answer below or if I missed your question, then you can comment down.

What are Amazon prime Cookies?

Amazon prime video Cookies are cache memory where our login credentials data saved in the form of some text. as these cookies are taken from a single account and get shared with everyone.

How do I get free Amazon Prime Cookies?

Just go to above mention table that I already shared you can just download cookies from the table, we hourly updating all cookies for better results.

Are amazon prime cookies safe to use?

Yes, cookies are 100% safe to use, as all cookies check before uploading by our modlelo team after that only we share these cookies. you can use these cookies without any risk for free.
so calm down and enjoy free prime video membership.

Can I get an Amazon Prime Account username & password for Free?

Yes previously I was sharing many accounts with many users but some people always try to change username and password to make their own account so due to these I stopped sharing accounts though I am still sharing my accounts with our regular and trusty visitors.

How many users can access the prime account using cookies?

With only a single account 25+ members can access prime membership at the same time with the same cookies, as we hourly updated the cookies and also use multiple prime accounts to provide you cookies, so you should not worried about getting cookies.

Wrapping It Up

So, that’s it, guys. I hope you got the method of accessing Amazon prime video cookies for free, I hope that you are enjoying your prime membership with cookies for free and enjoying your shows, web-series, movies and much more.

If you like Amazon Prime Cookies 2022 method using cookies then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you have any problems or suggestions regarding this method, then comment down. I would love to hear from you. Your one comment inspires me to share more new Mods and Tricks.

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