Brain Out Walkthrough And Answers [Today Updated June 2021]

Brain Out Walkthrough And Answers [Today Updated June 2021]

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Are you a mind game lover and like to play mind games to make your brainpower strong then this brain out game is just for and also I am sharing Brain Out Answers to help you whenever you find any stop in the game.

Brain out is latest trending puzzle game for the gamers that will boost your mind to very high levels but while playing game when levels increases many people got stucked in middle and find difficlties in a game.

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So, to overcome all problems today I am sharing brain out answers 2020 where you will get solution of all levels in the game.

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What Is Brain Out?

Brain out is an addictive puzzle and riddle game created by Eyewind, has performed extremely well in the US, Japan, and Korea markets due to its popularity now it is available in the global version.

The app has 10 million + installs on the play store. these shows the popularity of the game among the people, the brain out game is perfect for increasing your IQ.

Features of brain out

  • Evaluate thinking ability
  • Cool game effects
  • Focusing sounds
  • Mind-blowing answers
  • Easy interface

The game is a perfect combination of knowledge and creativity, exercise your mind with the triple test of EQ, IQ and dumbfounded challenge.

Download Brain Out With Full Answers For Free

brain out answers

To download these game just click on these link

As you play game and level will increase step by step, if you stuck in the middle of the game the app will say to watch the video to take the hint and that will simply waste your precious time for avoiding such situation below I am providing full brain out game answers.

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Brain Out Full Answers Key – all level guide

Brain out answers 1 to 25

Q1. Brain out level 1 [ find the biggest one ]

Answer– Watermelon [ these shows us not to judge anything by its look ]

Q2. Brain out level 2 [ how many ducks]

Answer- Total 9 ducks ( 6th one is not a duck )

Q3. Brain out level 3 [who is the tallest one]

Answer- Sun [ not only animals sun is also me mention in the screen ]

Q4. Brain out level 4 [ can you find a diffrent one]

Answer- Move 3rd watermelon to any side and you will get their different one click on it.

Q5. Brain out level 5 [ which claw is similar to cats claw]

Answer- Just click on cats left paw because the cats paw is always similar.

Q6. Brain out level 6 [ how many triangles in a pentagram]

Answer- There are 11 triangles in a pentagram.

Q7. Brain out level 7 [ find out the largest fire ]

Answer- Just collect all the fire and make the biggest one.

Q8. Brain out level 8 [ what’s the number under the parked car ]

Answer- Nine [move the car out of parking then click on no and you will get 9 number over there]

Q9. Brain out level 9 [ what mark would you give for this game ]

Answer- Full marks [ developer wants full marks for these game lol ]

Q10. Brain out level 10 [ wake up the owl ]

Answer- Drag the sun on the screen due to sunrise owl will wake up.

Q11. Brain out level 11 [ Find something you can not eat]

Answer- Take the chicken out of the nest and Click on the nest because you can not eat it.

Q12. Brain out level 12 [ You have to win the game]

Answer- Tap the two fingers of your hand on the screen at the same time. To make two(2) ‘o’ to win the game.

Q13. Brain out level 13 [ Find the darkest colour on the screen]
Answer- The darkest colour on the screen is black. Click on the question i.e black.

Q14. Brain out level 14 [ Count the number of hairs]

Answer- The baby has fake hair (wig). please remove the wig and count the hairs.

Q15. Brain out level 15 [ Help baby duckling drink water]

Answer- Drag the baby duckling toward spread water (i.e without container water)

Q16. Brain out level 16 [ Can you solve this question]

Answer- Tap the 1 you will see that the line below the 1 can be moved so, put that line under the question mark so that question mark will become the 2 and the question is solved.

Q17. Brain out level 17 [ Find something you can eat]

Answer- Drag the claw type thing and put it on will become meat to eat.

Q18. Brain out level 18 [ The little elephant is so lonely]

Answer- Hold click on the elephant and then copy option will appear then click copy and then the little elephant will not be lonely.

Q19. Brain out level 19 [ Put the giraffe into the fridge]

Answer- Zoom out the fridge,and giraffe will be able to fit in it.

Q20. Brain out level 20 [ Help the giraffe to eat the apple]

Answer- Hold tap on the giraffe and drag it over the apple and help giraffe to eat the apple.

Q21. Brain out level 21 [ No smoking]

Answer- Click 3-4 times on the red area of burning cigarettes. then smoke will vanish (i.e stop).

Q22. Brian out level 22 [ Putting 3 coin into piggy bank]

Answer- Put all 3 coins inside the piggy bank, and tap the piggy bank 3-4 times to break it. After breaking it count all coins i.e number of cion is ’15’.

Q23. Brain out level 23 [ So hungry!make something to eat]

Answer- In painting, take the house out of the painting then remove the eyes and smile of the smiley, then put a remaining smiley on the cloud seen in the painting, then you will get a delicious poached egg!

Q24. Brain out level 24 [ What is the minimum cuts needed to cut a circle into 8 equal parts]

Answer- The circle need one(1) minimum cuts to cut a circle into 8 equal parts.

Q25. Brain out level 25 [ How many ants]

Answer- First zoom out the stone to make it bigger by using 2 fingers of your hand and then count all the ants it is ’17’.

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Brain Out answers 26 to 50 With Explanation

Q26. Brain out level 26 [Find out the rule and write down the answer!]

Answer- If you notice carefully the circle denotes ‘0’ and triangle denotes ‘1’now if you know the binary code system and all the above answer are solve in these binary codes only and 01001 is the binary code of ‘9’.

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Q27. Brain out level 27 [Go to the exit]

Answer- Please don’t use the maze, just take that baby chicken out of the maze and take an outside round of maze and take it toward word ‘EXIT’.

Q28. Brain out level 28 [Point out all people]

Answer- There are total ‘6’pepole in the picture. ‘4’people are on the zebra crossing and other ‘2’ is on signal pole in the red and green colour circle.

Q29. Brain out level 29 [Find 8 animals]

Answer- First, click on the cloud and then rain will start then earthworm will come out of the stone, and there is an ant behind the grass, a squirrel backside the tree, a small grasshopper on grass, and bird, butterfly and owl on the tree and a girl standing. now please circle the 8 animals.

Q30. Brain out level 30 [Move 2 matchsticks to create an upright chair]

Answer- Firstly drag the downward matchstick take to up and joined it to the 2 matchsticks and drag the second matchstick put it towards chair legs backside.

Q31. Brain out level 31 [Who would you save? your mom or your girlfriend]

Answer- Just click on both of them at the same time with 2 different fingers. save both of them because they are both important in your life.or save both as a human being.

Q32. Brain out level 32 [ Drive the car to the road sign]

Answer- Drag the big cloud outside somewhere else and the sun will come out and sunshine will melt ice piece and way will clear for a drive the car to the road sign.

Q33. Brain out level 33 [ How to eat carrots]

Answer- It’s very easy just drag the carrot and take it near to the rabbit.

Q34. Brain out level 34 [Help them cross the river]

Answer- Just zoom out the boat by your 2 fingers. then it will become bigger and now it easy to cross the river.

Q35. Brain out level 35 [What 3 number add up to 12]

Answer- first click on ‘6’ and then twice on the ‘3’and then click on “ok”.(i.e 3+3+6=12).

Q36. Brain out level 36 [Put everything into the box]

Answer- Just put everything inside the box including question text also.

Q37. Brain out level 37 [Whack-a-mole]

Answer- Drag the mole outside the holes and take it near to the hammer.

Q38. Brain out level 38 [Rescue giraffe]

Answer- Just tilt your phone upside down and then the key will come out of the bucket using the key to unlock the giraffe.

Q39. Brain out level 39 [can you solve this equation]

Answer- Add all the 3 lines numbers carefully and signs between them i.e (1+2+3+11+2+3+11+2+3+1=39) and the total sum answer is “39”.

Q40. Brain out level 40 [Find out the objects?]

Answer- Just see the picture carefully and try to find out above object hidden in the picture. the object is hidden in that similar colour thing only. ex. the purple colour glass is hidden in the boy purple sock. and try to find others also it’s easy.

Q41. Brain out level 41 [Oh god! zozo overslept! wake her up]

Answer- Just open the door of the room her mom will come and awake her. mom is one ho can do everything in the world.

Q42. Brain out level 42 [If 1=5,2=15,3=215,4=3215,then 5=?

Answer- If 1=5 then 5=1.

Q43. Brain out level 43 [Which cup will get filled first]

Answer- Drag the first no(1) cup out of the series/chart now you will see that no.4 cup will be filled first.

Q44. Brain out level 44 [Move 1 matchstick to make the biggest number!]

Answer- ‘965’ is the answer and biggest number by moving 1 matchstick.

Q45. Brain out level 45 [Please write down the correct answer]

Answer- The sum (addition) of 4 and 5 is ‘9’ i.e 4+5=9. 9 is the correct answer.

Q46. Brain out level 46 [Help tom to get her notice]

Answer- Drag the girl purse’s to the tom(boy) hand then the girl will notice him. because girls purses are precious for them.

Q47. Brain out level 47 [Find the aliens]

Answer- Just drag the spaceship towards surface/land then aliens will come out of the spaceship.

Q48. Brain out level 48 [Correct the direction]

Answer- Just rotate your phone towards 90 degrees on your right side.

Q49. Brain out level 49 [How many french fries below]

Answer-By dragging/moving all the pack of french fries you will get more pack of french fries below them. then count all french fries pack.

Q50. Brain out level 50 [Find the panda]

Answer- Just watch the picture carefully from above you will get panda at 4 lines from above at your right side after getting it to click on the panda.

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Brain Out Answers 51 to 75 ( Full Guide )

Q51. Brain out level 51 [Damn! I can’t stand this mess]

Answer- Just erase the paint on the wall in front side by your finger like an eraser.

Q52. Brain out level 52 [Click the orange rectangle 3 times and green rectangle 5 times]

Answer- Firstly click on orange rectangle 3 times then click on green rectangle 2 times after clicking 2 times green rectangle will turn orange then rest for few minutes then again it will be in green colour only then click on the green rectangle for 3 times again.

Q53. Brain out level 53 [How to make your dream come true]

Answer- Just rub the lamp then click on the red book behind the genie

Q54. Brain out level 54 [Which shape has the most sides]

Answer- As we know that circle has infinite sides.

Q55. Brain out level 55 [Again! who would you save]

Answer- Just shake your device/mobile to wake him up so his imagination will go away.

Q56. Brain out level 56 [Please find the photo]

Answer- Just hold tap on the box and slight tilt your device 90 degrees of your right side.

Q57. Brain out level 57 [Wake up the little piggy]

Answer- Just tightly tap on the little piggy nose. and his body will start becoming red because he will not breathe and he will wake up.

Q58. Brain out level 58 [Help them to get on a blind date]

Answer- Tap 4-5 times on the doggo

Q59. Brain out level 59 [Find the number]

Answer- Just see the picture carefully from above it is in 7th row and 7th column from your right.

Q60. Brain out level 60 [Find green]

Answer- As you know about colouring technique that by mixing 2 colours we can get a new colour. by mixing blue and yellow that makes green.

Q61. Brain out level 61 [Find the hexagon]

Answer- Drag the yellow part on the orange part top. then it makes a hexagon.

Q62. Brain out level 62 [What comes after aebfc]

Answer- The answer is ‘G’ (as it has a logical pattern)

Q63. Brain out level 63 [Crazy pin circle]

Answer- Just put all pin in a crazy circle like archives.

Q64. Brain out level 64 [What number will hour hand point to after 3 hours]

Answer- Just tap on 4-5 times that the watch will be broken and hand hour will at the same time i.e at ‘9’ only.

Q65. Brain out level 65 [How many chicks are there]

Answer- There are two chicks hidden behind the shown chicks and 5 more chicks are behind the clear button.

Q66. Brain out level 66 [Comfort my dog]

Answer- Just touch the dog gently up and down then the dog will feel good.

Q67. Brain out level 67 [Find the hidden stars]

Answer- Shake your mobile/device then stars will come out.

Q68. Brain out level 68 [ Make the equation true]

Answer- Move the first matchstick(1) to the left, and move the “-” from ‘8’ to the left too. the equation becomes 1-0=1.

Q69. Brain out level 69 [ Find the mother hen]

Answer- Tap on the empty space and move the screen to the left.

Q70. Brain out level 70 [Add up 3 largest numbers in the following]

Answer- Just see carefully that there is a number pad . in that largest number are 7-8-9 . just add 7+8+9=24. the answer is “24”.

Q71. Brain out level 71 [ Eat carrots again]

Answer- Just place the question text as the bridge. then walk straight to the carrot.

Q72. Brain out level 72 [Please enter a 5 digit number password]

Answer- In the image mirror effect is given take it’s opposite of 37707. the 5 digit number password is ” 70773″.

Q73. Brain out level 73 [Help bunny to win]

Answer- Just tap on go you’ll notice that the bunny is the slowest.tap on the monkey and the horse at the same time to stop them. Click on go to make the bunny win.

Q74. Brain out level 74 [Light up the 4th bulb]

Answer- Press start then light get start from 1st bulb then it will go on 2nd,3rd bulb when it will go 4th bulb then press the stop button.

Q75. Brain out level 75 [Please write down a 2 digit number]

Answer- Just add all the sides of the diagram and the answer will come ’58’ i.e 10+10+15+15+4+4=58.

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Brain Out Full Answers From 76 To 100

Q76. Brain out level 76 [Create a rectangle]

Answer- Just drag the square and move it out to half of the screen.

Q77. Brain out level 77 [Make the following equation hold]

Answer- click on “3” then another 3 will pop out. You can rotate the other 3 and make it looks like “8”.

Q78. Brain out level 78 [Tap a butterfly above the texts]

Answer- Just drag the question text under the butterfly and click on the butterfly now.

Q79. Brain out level 79 [Help Zoe to drink the juice sediments]

Answer- Drag out the bottom part of the juice glass and take it near to the Zoe.

Q80. Brain out level 80 [Put the shapes into the right frame]

Answer- Drag the yellow colour shape and put it on the red colour shape.

Q81. Brain out level 81 [Spot the differences]

Answer- Drag out the wooden table out of the picture than 2 more similar pots will come out. now click on the middle flower.

Q82. Brain out level 82 [How many holes do this pants have]

Answer- By counting holes in the pants, there are 9 holes in the pants.

Q83. Brain out level 83 [Max number of pieces watermelon can be cut into]

Answer- 1024 is the answer the number of pieces watermelon can be cut.

Q84. Brain out level 84 [Catch the rat]

Answer-First fire the wood then drag to wood to the end of the pipe now block the second end of the pipe by hold tapping. Then the rat will come out.

Q85. Brain out level 85 [How to pass this level]

Answer- Just try to move the mouse and try to take the pointer to the next button.

Q86. Brain out level 86 [Form a smallest possible number]

Answer- Just hold press on the first line/blank space line of your left and drag it upside. now type 999 on number pad the answer will get is [-999].

Q87. Brain out level 87 [Once again]

Answer- Just try to enlarge the circle would be easier.

Q88. Brain out level 88 [Mom is back please hide the gamepad]

Answer- Please hide the gamepad with your finger for some few minutes.

Q89. Brain out level 89 [Turn the pyramid upside down]

Answer- Please move two circles from the fourth row to second row and then move the first row to the bottom.

Q90. Brain out level 90 [Tap in following order:33 1 6 8 2 20 17 60 33]

Answer- Just tap memorize the order .the right order is 1-6-8-2-20-17-60.

Q91. Brain out level 91 [Help little girl eat the cake]

Answer- Just move the little girl to the stair on the right and then remove that stairs and she will fall down to the cake.

Q92. Brain out level 92 [When Zoe was 6 years old lulu was twice her age. Zoe 10 years old now how old is lulu?]

Answer- When Zoe was 6 years old and lulu was Zoe is 10 years old and lulu is 16 years. the answer lulu is 16 years old.

Q93. Brain out level 93 [You have to win the game again]

Answer- Just drag your zero (o) to the third line of the game and click on the blank place to win the game.

Q94. Brain out level 94 [How to eat the noodles]

Answer- Drag the noodles nd put it into the bowl and fill the water in just hold tap on the bowl for 5-6 seconds.

Q95. Brain out level 95 [Help baby fall asleep]

Answer- Just try to shake your device slowly like a swing until the baby goes to sleep.

Q96. Brain out level 96 [If CDE=EFH,then EFH=?]

Answer- The answer is EFH=’HFI’

Q97. Brain out level 97 [Find the panda]

Answer- Just try to take out all the scarf and see the picture carefully and pay more attention towards to face and ears of the panda.

Q98. Brain out level 98 [Help the bat fall asleep]

Answer- Just try to rotate your device upside-down.then the bat will go to sleep.

Q99. Brain out level 99 [Enter the biggest one]

Answer- Just use both of zeros to make an infnite and an biggest one.

Q100. Brain out level 100 [Make the biggest possible number moving 2 matchsticks]

Answer- The answer is 31181 is the biggest possible number.

Brain Out Answers From Level 101 To 125 Detailed Explanation

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Q101. Brain out level 101 [Time to go to bed]

Answer- Just try to turn off the light by turning your mobile to 180 degree.

Q102. Brain out level 102 [Kill the nasty fly]

Answer- Just tap one finger anywhere on the screen and the fly will come towards your finger. now use another finger to kill the fly.

Q103. Brain out level 103 [Which is the cheapest]

Answer- The gamepad is the cheapest.

Q104. Brain out level 104 [Fill in the?]

Answer- 91 is the answer.

Q105. Brain out level 105 [Add 1 line to make this equation true]

Answer- Please click on the 2nd plus sign(+) and swipe down then it will change into 4

Q106. Brain out level 106 [Jack want to drink the minute maid]

Answer- Just try to shake your device(not the juice) for 30 seconds before giving it to the jack.

Q107. Brain out level 107 [Which dream do you want to come true?

Answer- Just try to click all three option at same time.

Q108. Brain out level 108 [Open the box]

Answer- Just hold tap on the box with one finger and try to open the box by another finger.

Q109. Brain out level 109 [What the answer]

Answer- Just try to go with flow the answer is 5=43215.

Q110. Brain out level 110 [How many differences]

Answer- There are 8 difference in the given picture.

Q111. Brain out level 111 [Tap the blue button 10 times]

Answer- Just click 10 times on blue button but don’t observe on the given counting because they are showing 10 number but it is 9 only, try to count by your self only and click 1 time on the red button.

Q112. Brain out level 112 [Keep the balance balanced]

Answer- Just remove all the object(ball,fly) from the balance.

Q113. Brain out level 113 [Count the number of hair again]

Answer- Just count all the hairs and turn his head and also count the back head hairs also. and the total number of hairs are ’38’.

Q114. Brain out level 114 [What’s the answer]

Answer- The answer is 14 [cat=10, face=5,two paws=2 (or 1 paw=1) in the given 3rd equation {5+1x(10-1)=5+9=14}.

Q115. Brain out level 115 [Tyke’s 2 year old birthday]

Answer- Just light the middle candle by moving the matchstick. then move your mobile 90 degrees to left.

Q116. Brain out level 116 [Find the mother hen again]

Answer- Just out the screen then you will found the mother after seeing mother click on the mother.

Q117. Brain out level 117 [Help the duck drink water]

Answer– Please cover the sun with cloud then move the water towards the duck to drink the water.

Q118. Brain out level 118 [Whats your body temperature]

Answer- Just hold tap on the bottom of thermometer and then the temperature will rise up to 96.8 F. the body temperature of 96.8F.

Q119. Brain out level 119 [Mix red and blue together]

Answer- Just put your finger on the opening of the chemical glass and shake it or shake your mobile.

Q120. Brain out level 120 [Help! where’s my ring?answer]

Answer- Just tap on the dog food to open the box then give the food box to eat the meal and after eating food a dog will poop and then the ring will come out then click on the ring.

Q121. Brain out level 121 [Turn of the light again]

Answer- Please tap on the bulb for 5-6 times.

Q122. Brain out level 122 [How many times 1 used]

Answer- Just ‘1’is used for 140 times between 1.199.

Q123. Brain out level 123 [The little bunny is hungry again]

Answer- Please see the four heart in the top-left corner of the screen take one of the heart and give it to bunny so that the bunny grows. the giant bunny will be able to jump easily to the other side.

Q124. Brain out level 124 [There are 26 letters in the alphabet if ET left]

Answer- The answer is 26-5=21.

Q125. Brain out level 125 [Light up all the bulb]

Answer- Just drag out the 3rd bulb out of the screen and click on the red button.

Brain Out Answers Level 126 to Level 150 ( June Guide 2021)

Q126. Brain out level 126 [One candle is 50cm high and can burn for 3 hours. another one is 70cm high and can burn for 6 hours. how long does it take for these two candles to reach the same height?

Answer- Please just write ‘6’ as the answer. explanation:- just burn both the candle at the same time.

Q127. Brain out level 127 [Can you solve this 7+3=?]

Answer- By solving it we get 7+3=410 {7+3= (7-3)(7+3)= 410}.

Q128. Brain out level 128 [Help the baby get a haircut]

Answer- Just slowly rotates (tilt) the mobile then the baby goes to sleep. when the baby gets to sleep start using a trimmer to cut the hair.

Q129. Brain out level 129 [You are so smart!let’s cheers]

Answer- Just shake your phone and the click on the cork.

Q130. Brain out level 130 [Solve the problem]

Answer- The solution of the equation is 20.

Q131. Brain out level 131 [Turn on the least switch to get water!answer]

Answer- Just go to the level and observe the picture carefully.

Q132. Brain out level 132 [Find the wolf in the sheep]

Answer- Just drag the meat piece in front of every sheep and wolf face will change. and then use another finger to remove fake clothes of the wolf.

Q133. Brain out level 133 [Nap time is over wake up the baby]

Answer- Please rotate the clock hand so the time passes. the baby will wake up and then milk will be given to the baby to feed.

Q134. Brain out level 134 [Make the paper windmill spin fast]

Answer- Just click on the fan once and shake your moblie.

Q135. Brain out level 135 [Find a heart]

Answer- Please combine both the red shapes to make a beautiful heart.

Q136. Brain out level 136 [What time is it now]

Answer- Just write down the present time of your device.

Q137. Brain out level 137 [Do not lift up the stone]

Answer- Just use three fingers to lift the stone.

Q138. Brain out level 138 [How many triangle are there]

Answer- There are 7 triangles (drag your finger out of the star, a triangle will come out from it.)

Q139. Brain out level 139 [Help the kitten fishing]

Answer- Please shake your mobile and take earthworm and put it on the fishing hook and shake again.

Q140. Brain out level 140 [Zozo want’s to go skating]

Answer- Just combine the items and create your own skating.

Q141. Brain out level 141 [Zozo’s 16th birthday]

Answer– The answer is 20030816 If you open the box it says that the calendar date is yesterday so zozo’s birthday is on 16th And the password is his birth date and its the 16 years before. So the password is 2003-08-16.

Q142. Brain out level 142 [Help mark escape from the secret room

Answer– Just tap on the bulb for 4-5 times then it will turn off then click on escape.

Q143. Brain out level 143 [Pigsy was captured by the monster]

Answer– Just shake the monster and give the yellow item to the monkey then take one of the chair’s leg and please use to hit/beat the monster on the head.

Q144. Brain out level 144 [Find out all the items]

Answer– Just observe the picture carefully and try to find out all the items given in the question.

Q145. Brain out level 145 [Picking fruit]

Answer- Just try to make a ladder of given woods and ropes. attach all the wood pieces to the tree to make the ladder and also use the rope for making ladder.

Q146. Brain out level 146 [Make this equation true]

Answer- Just rotate the no.9 to make it a’6’and then click on the number 11 and 13 that will give you 30 i.e (6+11+13+=30).

Q147. Brain out level 147 [Find the pingpong]

Answer. You will get to see ball 2 times and it will show you 10. to reduce the speed erase the number 0 and you will get to see the ball again.

Q148. Brain out level 148 [Which one would you give up?]

Answer- please tie both the ropes each other and hen won’t have to give up on any single one.

Q149. Brain out level 149 [Old lady has 7 sons and each son has a sister]

Answer- The lady has 8 child and from 8 child 7 are sons and 1 daughter.

Q150. Brain out level 150 [How to catch a thief]

Answer- Just get the shovel next to the tree and use it to dig a hole.then cover the hole with the straw.

Wrapping It Up

So that’s it guys I hope you like our Brain Out Answer key 2021 and also think that it helps you in all difficulties though if you think I missed anything in the post you can just comment below and let me know.

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