Spotify Mod Apk v8.7.48.1062 (Premium Unlocked)

Spotify Mod Apk v8.7.48.1062 (Premium Unlocked)

Spotify Ltd.

Overview information

Name Spotify Music
Updated On
Publisher Spotify Ltd.
Category Apps
Size 61 MB
Requires Android 4.4 +
Version v8.7.48.1062
MOD Features Premium Unlocked

So truly, if you are searching for latest Spotify working mod then your wait has been over just access all-new Spotify mod apk with almost 60 millions of premium tracks for free.

If you are addicted to music and love to hear music, then just open Spotify premium apk and listen to the songs according to your mood.

Nowadays there are lots of apps available on the internet but all are just waste of time-limited features comparatively Spotify is number 1 app trending for music lovers with lots of features that’s make the app most lovable platform for peoples.

So as we all know if any app comes on trending and provides lots of services in that situation we have to pay a lot of money for accessing their premium plans and not everyone is too rich to buy such plans.

To skip all this buying method, today I am sharing Spotify mod apk in which just access to all Spotify premium features for free for lifetime.

But before going further just take all information about Spotify premium apk and their algorithm too.

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What Is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the latest trending app in the google play that provides music access to song lovers from all around the world. the Spotify has developed with all unique features for attracting all music audience with high quality.

The Spotify company basically belongs to Sweden and after that, they just launched Spotify app on 7 October 2008 and has crossed millions of traffic in just a 1 year and has become the most favourite option for listening tracks and music.

One of the best thing about the Spotify app is that the apk is user friendly and you can use it very easily for the first time.

If we try to describe Spotify apk in one word then surely Spotify is the king of all music app rather than gaana, apple music etc so as a result, the Spotify is always the first choice for all the audience though Spotify has 600M + downloads over the play store in music platform category.

free spotify premium songs

But if any app becomes famous they give some limitation for the account and try to bring paid plan like such case Spotify just launches there Spotify premium plan for accessing all features and that cost around 699 rs per year so to overcome the paid issue and for using it free just look over Spotify premium apk.

Pros And Cons


  1. Almost supported to all the devices on Mac, Android, Windows and also you can listen to music on
  2. The Spotify apk easily tracks your cookies and behaviour and suggest the best song according to your ease.
  3. The best from apart its quality are too good and all are copyrighted.


  1. The Spotify premium price is a little bit high.
  2. As per the new update, the lyrics showing in apk are removed.
  3. The Spotify Mod apk is available for limited countries so its better to use free VPN.

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What Is Spotify Mod Apk?

Spotify Mod apk is a cracked apk where all mods work on an official app of Spotify and make app able to bypass payment option and can use it for free like cloning app and making it like Spotify premium apk.

Most of the time while wandering here and there we try to listen many songs in unknown places and unable to identify that song at that time many of people feel helpless or shy to ask the name of the song at such situation you can connect your Spotify mod apk with shazam premium and can easily identify any songs for free.

You can just enjoy all copyrighted music with full update support and download high-quality music with the fastest server speed.

With Spotify premium apk you can:

  • Listen to unlimited songs
  • Download the song and play offline
  • Well categorized song setup
  • Podcast for free for listening
  • Create your own album
  • All bugs fixed
spotify premium features

Spotify is a very famous and trending app that I already told due to popularity many of people here who needs Spotify premium apk for different platforms like ios and pc too.

The premium apk lets all the user use the application all latest interface to listen to all the song with virus free interface that makes the user very comfortable while using the mod and if you are looking for the latest updates then simply bookmark these page and enjoy unlimited Spotify premium for lifetime.

You can easily use Spotify premium apk everywhere in the world there is location issues in these mods so just pick your mobile and just grab your mod without any hesitation.

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Features Of Spotify Premium Apk

The Spotify cracked apk we are using has lots of features but below I am mentioning some of the coolest ones that you would like most.

Ads Free Interface

ad free experience

The worst thing whenever you are using an app that is the pop-up ads during listening to music so to overcome these annoying issue the ads are completely removed from the mod to enjoy music without interruption.

Officially Spotify uses so many ads for sponsor purpose and sometimes they also show us videos which can not skip that time Spotify apk mod auto-detect ads and banned them permanently.

Premium Music Experience

premium spotify

The word premium itself shows its importance as these is the most important feature of Spotify and help us to access to any music which previously cant be played as a free user

As we already discussed Spotify has millions of song just access any song with any language without paying any charges.

Free Spotify Connect

free spotify connect

Everyone here ever used an app like Bluetooth and share it with we can share apps and videos but in that situation, if we transfer any app the downloaded cant be transferred so to overcome this problem Spotify has its own unique feature with that you can easily transfer any songs with your friends.

Using Spotify connect is a very simple task just open up your favourite song > click on device icon > search device you want share > download it on another device > enjoy.

Download Offline Music

download offline music

If you have noticed ever many of the apps in the market nowadays fully work on online modes but whenever network goes down they didn’t work anymore in such case you can download any song and can listen to it later for free without internet.

The offline downloaded songs will be directly stored in-app storage whenever you enable offline mode.

Unlimited Skips

unlimited skips

If you think you are true Spotify user then you should know about this limitation whenever you play any song and mood changes continuously at that time every skips that songs from the playlist but after six skips all get stucks for an hour but in our premium mod you can skip unlimited songs without any limits.

Next time if your mindset is changing continuously then not to be afraid just hear any of the songs with unlimited skips according to your feelings.

Some more features of Spotify mod apk:

  • Just listen to any music with subtitles
  • Premium themes unlocked
  • Get direct login without any signup
  • Create your own playlist and download it with one click
  • Get regular updates for a better premium experience
  • Previous bugs are fixed
  • Seeking Enabled
  • Zero Commercial
  • Extreme bass audio unlocked
  • Disable analytics

It’s not necessary that mod will work every time for all the user due to different variants of the android device therefore to avoid all such technical issues, we are just providing the extra stuff that are Spotify premium accounts with which any user can enhance the experience of premium officially rather using Spotify Premium Apk.

If we count spotify premium features then there is no word last for them its always better try it by your own and unlocked your mood.

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How To Install Spotify Mod Apk In Android (August 2022)

spotify mod apk for android

These are the most important section of the post if you trying to skip these steps I recommend you to read all instruction carefully.many of the user are here using android devices and thinking to download Spotify Premium apk but many of the visitors didn’t read the full post and that mod anymore works for them.

So the main things if you are using any mod apk from any site first always try to delete official apps from your device though I recommend all user to uninstall simple Spotify from your mobile before downloading our Spotify premium apk.

So as always below, I am giving you the easiest way of installing Spotify mod apk.

Step 1: First go to above download button link to download Spotify premium apk.

Step 2: Give permission to the app to make an installation from the third-party source these is an optional step it happens with only some of the users.

Step 3: Go to file manager and search for the path where you have downloaded our Spotify pro apk and click on install

Spotify premium free apk

Step 4: After installation just taps and open that you have successfully installed our Spotify mod apk!

How To Install Spotify Premium On Pc

spotify mod apk for pc

So many of the visitors are reading our blog prom pc and wish to use our mod pc for them I am just trying to share few steps with that they can also able to enjoy our Spotify mod on their own pc.

But before going further we will need some external app like blue stacks with that you can easily install our mod for free.

  • Go to google and search bluestacks for pc and download it or you can get it from here
  • The easiest one download Spotify mod apk from the above table.
  • Search your downloaded path of mod apk and open it with bluestacks.
  • After opening apk give permission to install it on your pc.
  • after install shortcut icon will be created on your desktop open the app and enjoy it for a lifetime.

How To Install Spotify Mod Apk For Ios

spotify mod apk for ios

Our ios method is the same as we use for pc but a little bit complicated for ios device but not to worry we are here to help you use our Spotify premium mod in an easy manner.

  1. Download an external app from google Cydia impactor on your pc
  2. Just go to the download link and save the file on your storage
  3. Open your pc and connect your ios device to it and after making successfully connected select your device from the menu 
  4. After connecting both devices to each other go to Spotify mod app and drag it into Cydia impactor.
  5. Basically, Apple does not allow us to use the mod on ios so after it will ask us our apple id to hide our Spotify premium apk from the iPhone store.
  6. Here comes the main trick to install the app on your ios device move towards setting then profiles > android device manager and select Spotify from the options and give the app permission to trust the device
  7. That’s it congratulation now you can successfully use our Spotify apk premium without any limit.

Login Spotify Without Id And Password

Basically while using Spotify premium apk there is no need to log in any id or password but you have to make login via mobile number and some of the people feel hesitate to enter the number.

Mobile number plays an important role while entering Spotify cracked apk to generate OTP though if you think you want the different personal number to make login to Spotify then just use the app like text now to make Spotify login without id and password.

Many of the peoples come on our blog those want privacy while using Spotify mod apk for them we have some of the tips that would help you to use it in a secret manner.

Lots of people thought that using any VPN they will become anonymous but do you really think it works fine? definitely no there is no VPN can make you secret forever but some of the paid ones like Turbo VPN can help you to make your identity bit much hidden.

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Spotify Premium Free Password Generator

Spotify premium password generator is a platform where various sites say that they are generating a Free Spotify Password for using the generator.

But do you really think is it really giving you real password? definitely big no its a scam.

Basically, whenever we click on their password generator many of process going on shows on the screen they are cracking id password or they generating free password but all are fake.

So I especially recommend never trust on such sites they just fulfil there work like downloading some apps and play them that’s it after that nothing happens excluding just waste of time its always better to use our Spotify mod apk for free.

How To Use Spotify Mod Pro Apk?

So after installing apk on your suitable platform now you should know to use it in a better way to make our Spotify pro apk should run with better performance.

Here are some of the tips with that you can get great feedback from Spotify mod apk.

If you have low data and want to save some of your net data then just tap on setting and change quality to 144p but you wanna listen with good one then always go with a higher one.

  • Try to use parallel space or cloning software while using any of the mods if you have a good working device.
  • Some time your small children want to listen to songs on your device that time you can turn off the word explicit with that age-restricted words will hear a beep sound.
  • Many of the people thought that to use our mod root will be required so for them never use root until we recommend you.
  • Select your preferred language and get automatically suggested music to make your mood fresh.
  • Never update if any update arrives or your mod is not working properly then just comment us or bookmark these page.
  • If you are looking for tracks that are not available in your region then use the show or hide songs.

Spotify premium cracked apk is a vast and huge app in that whenever you will explore you will find always new features like a futuristic app.

How To Download Songs Or Music From Spotify?

Spotify songs download is very easy task those who are regular user or friendly to the app but here condition is little bit diffrent as here we had just provided spotify cracked apk so sometimes you may face issues while downloading songs for them here i got solution for everyone to continue there work without interruption.

As Spotify Mod Apk works on different servers as I already told so for downloading songs here you will need an external app that is Utorrent pro apk for downloading Spotify music.

So here for doing all task you need to just pick one song from spotify and enter url in utorrent and start download task so with these trick here you can just listen million of upcoming songs for free.

Sometimes due to technical issue Spotify mod apk may not work properly at that we had already provided a lot of Spotify alternative in the post still here one another as a bonus LivexLive premium unlocked for free.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

So after looking all the topic from my side many of here having queries from there end regarding Spotify premium apk so in these section for them I am selected mostly asked question by our visitors and answering them below.

How To Get Spotify Premium Apk For Free?

Many of the people think nothing can get for free without spendings some bucks from there pocket but now just download our 100% working Spotify mod apk from our link and enjoy premium for free.

How Much Time These Spotify Premium Will Work?

Basically you can use our Spotify mod for a lifetime if anyone never complaints our mod or any official update arrives.

Is It Safe To Use Spotify Cracked Apk?

Yes, it is fully safe to use our Spotify apk as always all mod are well tested by our moderators and after all checks only we publish these mods on our site.

What To Do If Spotify Premium Suddenly Stops Working?

There can be many reasons from which you will face these issue sometimes IP issue occurs in the device that time I would suggest you use premium VPN like turbo vpn and connect it to prefered location

If it works then well and good if not then uninstall app download it again from our site.

How To Mod Spotify Premium Apk?

To mod, any required professional skills or you should know about coding but some of the simple apps can be moded with help of lucky pather though Spotify is huge trending app so I think without wasting time in self cracking apk you should go with our Spotify premium mod apk.

What Is Spotify Mega Mod Apk?

Spotify mega mod apk is a mod where you will get all features in a cracked manner there will no need to pay or purchase anything all will be free just like our Spotify premium mod.

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Wrapping It Up

Finally, I would say Spotify mod apk is a very friendly and convenient app for the users. if anyone uses it for a single time then I bet they will become addicted towards these best music platform.

I hope you would love our latest Spotify Premium Apk 2022 and also share with your friends. If you have any problems or suggestions regarding this Spotify Premium Cracked apk for free then comment down. I would love to hear from you. Your one comment inspires me to share more Mods and Tricks. Share this post and show your love and support in comments.

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